Beechcraft Model Profiles

Model profiles for each version of the Model 35 V-Tail Bonanza, 1947-1982, are now posted on  Designed for potential buyers interested in comparative information between the various models of Bonanza, as well as for experienced Beech enthusiasts wanting to refresh their memory on model differences, each Profile includes production and engine information, distinguishing features, common options and modifications, aircraft specifications and performance, and current pricing and price trend information.  There is also a link to a list of significant Airworthiness Directives affecting that model.



Find the V-Tail Model Profiles in the public area of, under the Resources pull-down menu.  They are also linked from the Members Only page.  Model Profiles for straight-tail Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons and Travel Airs will be added in the future. With thanks to the American Bonanza Society for use of this link. Please note prices quoted are US$.

Click here for V Tail Model Profiles:

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