BPPP Online Course

BPPP Online Ground School

A special offer from the American Bonanza Society to our ABS-AU Members to experience the BPPP Online Ground School Course.

BPPP Online Course is free to ABS-AU Members who are also members of the ABS-USA and ABS-AU. Please note it is a requirement for first time BPPP participants to complete the online course prior to attending the BPPP flying and we also recommend the BPPP Online Course to recurrent BPPP attendees.

Australian Beechcraft Society members may now learn even more about skillfully and safely flying their Beechcraft with (BPPP Online "Initial") from the American Bonanza Society’s Air Safety Foundation. BPPP Online is a program of 13 individual courses on Beechcraft systems, procedures, operation and procedures in a convenient online format you may take on at your convenience.There is also a growing number of advanced courses in the Beechcraft Pilot Skills Enhancement series ("BPPP Recurrent") that build upon what you've learned in the Initial Course.

BPPP Online is “a most valuable resource for us in the future development of our BPPP,” says Edgar Bassingthwaighte, BPPP instructor for Australia’s Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program. “Pilots would come to a flight program much better prepared if they have done this course in their own time at home.”


BPPP Online works on PC and Mac OS. After enrolling, you may also download the free iPad app (search for “BPPP” in the App Store) and use your BPPP Online credentials on your iPad.

New cost of the 13-course online program is:

ABS-USA membership is US$108 annually including the monthly ABS Magazine posted to you, or USD$70 for online access to ABS Magazine but no hard copy sent. Your ABS Membership includes these and other courses on the ABS Online Learning Centre, as well as all the other benefits of membership in the American Bonanza Society. Learn more about ABS-USA and join online at www.bonanza.org Questions? Contact ABS at info@bonanza.org 


Click to download BPPP Online Course Outline:

Please note that you need to be a financial member of the ABS-AU and ABS-USA to complete the BPPP Online Course 

Thomas P. Turner

Executive Director

ABS Air Safety Foundation


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