The Society offers an extensive Social Program with events and fly away’s to many locations across Australia including overseas to Noumea, New Zealand and New Guinea. Previous flyaways have included Tasmania, the Kimberly, North Queensland, Central Australia, North Queensland, South Australia, the Sapphire Coast, the Gold Coast, Northern Territory and the West Coast to name a few. These flyaways provide opportunities to see and stay in parts of Australia that few people see.

They also enable a host of information in respect airstrips, accommodation and activities to be gathered from the many members who have flown extensively across Australia.

Current activities of Members can also be accessed through the Australian Beechcraft Society Facebook page .

Previous Flyaways

A number of ABS fly away’s occurred in 2019, the first being in July when a group did an 18 day NT/ QLD safari taking in Birdsville, Mataranka, Katherine, Darwin, Bamurra Plains (Kakadu), Haggerston and Lizard Islands. The other being a 3 day fly away to Port Lincoln in November as part of the ABS Annual General meeting.

Many other Members have undertaken non ABS long range trips to various parts of the country throughout the year and can provide a host of up to date information in respect to airstrips, accommodation, weather and activities.

Planned Flyaways for 2020

For 2020, a flyaway had been organised for 20 aircraft to fly to New Zealand, departing Port Macquarie tracking Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island for March of this year to coincide with the Wings over Wanaka Air Show. It had to be cancelled due to Covid19, however it may be re-scheduled for 2022 as the Air Show is a bi-annual event.

A fly away to Bathurst is proposed in October of 2020 as part of the ABS Annual General Meeting and another at Goonoo Goonoo Station near Tamworth from Nov 1 to Nov 4 2020.

Further to the success of the Formation School in Cowra, formation flying weekends are also now being planned for endorsed pilots. A weekend is currently being planned at Moruya, NSW.

Other fly away’s are currently being planned for 2020. These activities can be accessed through the members portal.

Pilots to flyaways must be a Member of the ABS.

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