Initial Pilot Checkout Guides

Click here for Pilot Checkout Guides (courtesy of American Bonanza Society)

ABS/BPPP Guides to Initial Pilot Checkout

The American Bonanza Society Air Safety Foundation highly encourages pilots to receive their initial checkout with a flight instructor knowledgeable about the specific make and model. Resources include the Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP), a wholly owned subsidiary of the ABS Air Safety Foundation; The BPPP Online+Flight program; and individual BPPP instructors.

For any number of reasons a new owner/pilot may be unable to schedule training with a Beech-knowledgeable instructor. For that event we have created this training outline for pilots and their local instructors to address the most vital topics and operations during the critical initial checkout. 

This outline is not intended as a substitute for a thorough checkout by an instructor knowledgeable about the specific make and model and its current operations. This outline cannot address all topics, and the ABS/ASF cannot be responsible for providing timely updates on information contained in this Guide. A necessary, thorough avionics checkout is outside the scope of this Guide as well, because of the wide variety of avionics installed in individual aircraft.

We strongly encourage pilots to complete their type-specific checkout through BPPP Online+Flight or at the next BPPP training event in their area. Then, attend BPPP Recurrent Training or use the Online+Flight option annually as part of your aeronautical lifelong learning program.


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