About Us

The Australian Beechcraft Society is a group of aviation enthusiasts with over 170 members Australia wide. Members include pilots, owners, instructors, student pilots, aircraft maintenance and avionics personnel.  Our activities often include their families as well. The Society also has strong links with the American Bonanza Society.

Being a nationwide organisation, the Society uses a cloud based software package (click revolutionise) to communicate with members, including a regular electronic newsletter for members.

Current Committee Members

• David Porter (President) • Jock Folan
• James Cherry (Secretary) • Murray Gerraty
• Nick Lindsay (Treasurer) • Guy Putker
  • Bruce Baade

The Society is extremely active in pilot safety and airmanship. It conducts Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Programmes and Service Clinics (BPPP) biennially for Members. For new members, access to the American ABS online BPPP online Ground School Course for a year can be included as part of the Membership. This is an extremely worthwhile course for all pilots.

More about Pilot Safety & Airmanship

Other benefits available to members are:

  • Offers support and advice in respect to Technical Information, AD's, maintenance matters and safety updates.
  • Can assist in the purchasing / selling, aircraft and sourcing or selling parts and equipment.
  • Offers an extensive social program with fly aways to various locations across Australia each year and sometimes overseas (such as to New Caledonia and New Zealand).
  • Provides a host of information in respect of airstrips, accommodation and activities from the many members who have flown extensively across Australia.
  • Undertakes formation flying events and schools for endorsements.

For all of those who share a passion with Beechcraft Aircraft the Society offers a range of excellent resources which includes Pilot Safety and Airmanship, Social events and Technical information so why not join up?

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