Pilot Safety & Airmanship

The Society is extremely active in pilot safety and airmanship. It conducts Pilot Proficiency Programmes and Service Clinics (BPPP) bi-annually for Members. We also recommend the American ABS online BPPP online Ground School Course as an extremely worthwhile Course for all Beechcraft pilots.

Events relating to Safety and Airmanship are also undertaken on the alternate year of the BPPP.

For 2020 a formation training school was conducted in the first week of March at Cowra. Five ABS members participated, and each graduated with a formation endorsement. Apart from the incredible experience of flying in formation, the course was extremely valuable in mastering engine management, manoeuvring and positioning together with gaining a greater understanding of an aircraft’s flight characteristics and performance capabilities.

Planned Events

The next Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program and Aircraft Service Clinic is planned for 4-7 November 2021 at Cowra NSW. In alternate years to the BPPP, a Formation Flying Program, with accreditation, has been undertaken.

The 3 day Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP) and Service Clinic will once again be held in Cowra, the last being attended by over 70 Members, some coming from as far away as Western Australia.  We are planning a full ground school and flying program, as well as the Service Clinic to have your aircraft inspected by a Beechcraft experienced LAME.  Other presentations are also being planned.

A Certificate of Completion of the ground school and flying programs, undertaken by instructors accredited for the Proficiency Program, is also offered which, if successful, can provide discount on insurance with some insurers.

A social program is also included as part of this event for those not participating in the Pilot Program. Formation flying events and schools for endorsements are also proposed in 2021.

Registration is only available to current members, and will open on revolutionise shortly.